Portable Peep valve indicated as an accessory to provide positive and expiratory pressure breathing for Cpap and Ventilators. Two different adjustable pressure ranges 0 to 20 cmH20 as standard design and 5 to 40 cmH20 for portable alveolar recruitment procedure.


The PEEP Valve Redfluid project is a project co financed by the Spanish Goverment, in particular the Ministry of industry, trade and tourism. Read more.

  • Adjustable  pressure

  • Non Magnetic Stainless Steel

  • Reusable in Autoclave up to 5 times at 121ºC or ETD 30 times.

  • Different Connections on demand

  • Ergonomic Handwheel

  • Operating temperature: 5ºC to 40ºC

  • Single Package

  • Universal design Suitable for any  Cpap / Respirator / resuscitator system

  • Shipping from Barcelona (SPAIN).

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